Car Repair Loan

A Car Repair Short Term Loan

Today, many people have come to rely on their vehicles to get them to and from work. It is important to keep in mind that if your vehicle is not operating properly, expensive vehicle repairs can negatively impact your overall finances.

Car Repair Short Term Loans are becoming more common as the cost of repairing our vehicles continues to increase. Even with warranties and / or servicing contracts, car owners can find themselves with expensive repairs to their vehicles and without the funds available to pay for them.

Nextcredit offers unsecured short term personal loans that could help you finance those repairs. Customers can loan up to £1,000 online and repay the monies by instalments over 1-12 months, helping to manage those unexpected costs.

At Nextcredit we do not charge you transfer fees or default fees on our instalment loans, and you can settle your loan early or overpay each month if you wish to settle the loan quicker and save yourself money. We also use the Faster Payment service, which means if you are approved and your bank supports the service, you can have the monies in your bank account within 15 minutes.

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