There’s nothing better than decorating your home for a Halloween Party, and getting dressed up to scare family and friends.

We’ve got some great tips on how to enjoy Halloween without it costing you the earth.


Spider Web Dip – Pick your favourite dip, such as salsa, and pour into a bowl. Put some sour cream in a small plastic sandwich bag, snip off a tiny corner and use it to draw a web pattern on top of the dip. Throw on a fake spider or two, and your favourite party dip is instantly creepy!

Mummy Dogs – Cut jus-roll dough into thin strips and wrap around the hot dog sausage. Bake according to dough and sausage directions, and use ketchup or mustard for the eyes.

Olive Bugs – Use a toothpick to make 4 holes on each side of an olive. Insert a rosemary leaf in each hole for legs. Use olives in different sizes and colours for different scary bugs. (Pick out the rosemary leaves when eating the olives).

Cheesy Fingers – Cut the cheese string half, and use the flat side of a knife to make the knuckle marks. Attach almonds with a dab of cream cheese for the nails.

Slimy Worms on a Bun – Slice tinned (ready to eat) hot dogs and drop them into boiling water for just a minute or two, so that they curl a little bit. Dunk them in some BBQ sauce and you have slimy worms ready for to be added to your bun of doom!


Vampire Napkins Holder – Splash white cloth napkins (that you don’t mind getting stained) with red food dye (or something similar), and then thread through a set of plastic vampire teeth. Excellent table decoration!

Spooky Outdoor Lights – Draw spooky faces on empty, clean plastic containers, then fill with white fairy lights to decorate your garden or hallway with a ghostly Halloween glow.

Spider Webs – Add a little water to craft glue to make a watered-down glue mixture. Dip thick white string or yarn into the watered-down glue and pull through your pinched index finger and thumb to make sure the string isn’t too wet. Blow up a balloon to the size you want for the web. Wrap the gluey string around the balloon and set it out to dry. Once it’s dry, pop the balloon, and now your web is ready to hang! You can place as many or as few spiders as you want on the web. Maybe even hang some down by some thread!

Mummy Door – Tape paper streamers (or toilet paper) to the front door, overlapping the strips to give a mummy look. Then, cut sheets of black and white construction paper into circles to make eyes. Place the eyes on the top of the door and tape to secure.

Jack-O-Lantern – Cover clean, empty jars with orange tissue paper. Add features with black paper, and then pop in a battery tealight candle and watch your “pumpkin” glow.


Wednesday Addams – Put on a white collared shirt, long-sleeve black dress, and black tights. Braid your hair into two pigtails. Instant Addams Family.

Sea Creature – Start with a clear umbrella, and tape on string or ribbons for the tentacles. Wear metallic leggings and top.

Bug Legs – Using skin safe craft glue to glue some realistic-looking bugs to a pair of nylon tights and you’ve got the easiest costume ever.

Nightmare Before Christmas – Draw on black stitching on your arms and face, and draw the same on white stockings. Perfect Sally costume!

Mermaid – Turn yourself into a beautiful mermaid by applying difference colours of eye shadow makeup across your face over a fishnet stocking.